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Hair loss from perticular area


         I am facing heavy hair loss from particular area in my head and that area becoming bald. I am confused what to do , I visited to one local doctor that doctor advised me to take few tablets and said its fungal infection. But when I visited another skin specialist doctor he said its not fungal infection but due to some unknown reason u r loosing hairs from that area so he suggested me two medicines to apply on that portion twice a day for a month and then I can see the result. i dont have the medicine names with me right now will post it later. Please advice me something as I  suddenly started loosing the hairs from that portion. And both the doctor said that it is easily curable and will take about 2 months to get the good result.
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There are a few conditions that cause hair loss in specific patches of the scalp.
Some common causes are fungal infections, autoimmune disorders, etc.

Having the names or ingredients of the medications you have been prescribed would help identify what was diagnosed by the doctors you consulted.

A fungal infection would be the most simplest possiblility for treatment.
Other conditions can also be managed with medical treatment.

However, all treatment modalities would take 4-8 weeks to manifest results.

Do post a few more details
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Thanks Doctor for your reply.
My age is 24 year and following are the medicines given by the doctors ,

Medicines Given by the previous doctor which I am not taking now ,
1. Nizral - Once a day (For 10 days)
2. L-Cetron  - Twice a day (For 10 days)
3. Tab Cetrarite (Vit C 500) - Twice a day (For 10 days)
4. Cosvate-GM Cream - Apply on that portion twice a day.  (For 10 days)

But above medicines I have stopped taking it , because when I consulted with the other skin doctor he advised to stop taking these medicines and continue the following.

Medicines Given by the Skin Specialist which I am using right now :
1. HHSONE Cream locally
2.Crolim 0.1% Ointment locally
He told me to apply the first cream on that portion and massage it for 1-2 mins and then wait for ~30mins and then apply the second cream and massage it for 1-2 mins. I have to continue this twice a day , after my bath and at the bed time for a month.

Please advice me doctor , is it curable and what all precautions I should take . I am staying alone , so I am not able to maintain my good diet as I have shifted to some other place one year back.Can this be the reason that I am facing this problem ?
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I have taken the first medicine for 8 days that time I was in Pune and then I came to Bangalore and consulted the doctor and since then about 10 days I am following the second medicines. But I didn't got any +ve result till now. How much time it will take to see the +ve effect and is there any need to consult specialist. If yes , please suggest me some names where I can show my problem (I am staying in Bangalore) .
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