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How do you fight winter time dry skin?

In my area the temps have dropped quickly and you can feel that chill of winter in the air- you can also feel that dry itchy skin!  

What things do you do to help that itchy, icky, dry winter skin?  
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I was finding none of the body creams were working well for winter weather. I went shopping and found this cream
and gave it a try. Love it!  It's not greasy either.  

Nivea Body Lotion Repair & Care - Very Dry Skin with Dexpanthenol.
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Hey Red_Star, I'll check out the Nivea product you mention! I like a non greasy product that really works!
That's one I haven't tried- thanks for sharing your find!
Happy to help! :)
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I have dry skin and always have.  And in winter, once our furnace goes on . . .it's like every morsel of moisture is depleted out of my body.  And besides not being attractive, I get itchy when that happens.  We run a humidifier in our house.  That helps some.  And you can even just boil a pot of water to get some moisture in the air if you don't have a humidifier.  

I also found thick moisturizers that are like a balm can really help.  I like the Aveeno brand products. I have a couple that come in a tub.  One is like a cream and the other is super thick.  The super thick one is said to be for eczema but I use it anyway.  If I itch from dry skin, that almost always helps.  I try to put a good layer on when I get out of the shower.  These products aren't really cheap but under 20 dollars and at regular drug stores.  

I've also used Amlactin which used to be by prescription.  I like that for year round use.  It has no scent and I actually DO like a scent. But it works pretty well.  
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Awesome tips, thank you!
Yes I agree.
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