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Scalp Psoriasis

I just noticed a patch of dandruff that I had checked out and it turns out it's scalp psoriasis.
My dermatologist told me to start using Nizoral. https://nizoral.com/
After just 3 days I'm noticing a difference. My only question is will I need to use this forever
or will it be just until flaking is gone? My dermatologist will charge me $435 to have her
answer the question at a visit, so I'm asking here for advice. Thanks in advance.
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My younger son has this and uses nizoral.  It works great and there is no down side. We ran out and I didn't immediately replace it and it started right back up.  So, it is definitely worth a try.  
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My son uses it successfully.  Give it a whirl and see how it goes. There's another otc product that is also given for this which is T Gel. It's tar based. I don't really care for that tire odor to my hair but it does work pretty well.  Anyway, glad you are seeing a doctor to guide you.  And again, nizoral has worked great for my son to clear it up.   Best of luck to you.
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The answer depends on your personal circumstances.  First, the diagnosis of psoriasis might not have been correct.  Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder and is a form of arthritis, and I don't know any cure for it.  There are medications out there to control outbreaks.  All medications can have side effects, but use of this product on the skin doesn't have too many problems other than causing skin irritation, pimples, and things like that.  Orally, it can be liver toxic, but you're not taking it orally.  You might find success with gentler products that are more natural, but then again, you might not.  You might experiment if you're interested and if they don't work, you can return to this medication.  If the flaking stops, stop using the shampoo and see what happens.  Your doctor can't predict that and if her diagnosis is right, you have a permanent disease.  But it might be wrong, as a lot of docs look at skin problems and say eczema or psoriasis but don't really know for sure.  A second opinion with some testing might answer this for you and let you know exactly what you're dealing with, as again, docs often use these terms kind of more colloquially than scientifically, so it wouldn't hurt to as another specialist to confirm is it's really psoriasis you're dealing with.  Peace.
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It's otc dandruff and itchy scalp shampoo.  Not exactly a huge risk to try.
I believe that's exactly what I said, Mom.  But it won't cure psoriasis.  It won't cure a dandruff problem.  If you can cure something, it's always better than medicating it.  But to cure it you do need to know what you're dealing with and whether it has a cure.  But yeah, I said it doesn't have too many problems.  But it can be very drying as it's very strong, all dandruff shampoos are, and that just makes the problem stick around.  To say there's no down side, well, everything has a downside if you use it too much and don't pursue the permanent fix.  It isn't like using a very gentle natural shampoo.  But yeah again, I did agree not all that much of a problem for most folks.  

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