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How long does it take for moisture barrier to repair itself?

Hopefully someone can chime in. I’m having problems with the skin on my face. It feels very dehydrated and dry, but I have no visible symptoms of dryness. It’s burns when I wash with any cleansers, so now I can only wash with water. I moisturize with La Roche Posay Toleraine Cream and Emu oil. That’s all my skin can tolerate. It started to feel his tightness feeling probably around mid April. I’m not sure what could have caused this. I wasn’t exfoliating or using anything harsh. I was using La Roche Posay Foaming cleanser and La Roche Posay oil fee moisturizer (both with niancinimide). I have since stopped using those.
In the beginning of April, I did spray perfume on my wrists. Later I took a nap on the couch and had my head wresting on my hands. I had a sweater sleeve in between my face and my arm so my wrist wasn’t directly touching my face. Do you think my perfume could have rubbed onto my face and permanently damaged my face? How far can perfume go into the skin? The dermis? I’m so nervous about that. But my skin sensitivity didn’t happen for like a week or so after that. And I didn’t even think anything of it. My skin was fine after and no sensitivity.
I will say for months I have been drinking tons of coffee and alcohol (wine,beer). Hardly any water. I was using my Foaming cleanser with oil free moisturizer. My indoor heat was still on. I was using Thayers Witch Hazel (alcohol free unscented) from about November to March 9.
One dermatologist told me one time that sometimes our skin can go haywire. Do you think it was the perfume that did it and permanently damaged my skin? I’m so nervous. Or my moisture barrier just kept getting drier and dehydrated? Again, when the perfume incident happened, my skin was fine for about a week. I didn’t even think anything of it.
Please tell me damages or dehydrated skin can be repaired. I’m losing sleep over this.

Thank you for any input.
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I have had hives and very dry skin for about 2 months now. I am having dermatological therapy with U/V light now and have to continue until September.  I had one today in the morning and just was so uncomfortable that I had to dilute cider vinegar and water and with a wash cloth I wiped off my skin.  No relief yet but I read that this helps.  
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