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I am not sure what is going on with my skin

Hello I am 18yo male. For a couple years now I have had nodulocystic acne all over my face, chest and back and it is spreading down slowly.   At the same time I also have chronic dermatitis which causes scaling, dry, itchy skin all over my face and back.  It stings, burns, itches constantly, and acne lesions crust and bleed.  My skin has also become extremely weak and sensitive and reacts to everything.  For example Ive had to cut out shaving a year ago because of the dryness and irritation it causes for days after.  I recently seen dermatologist and she told me she honestly did not know what it is, but gave me oral antibiotic, and combination of zinc soap and ketoconazole cream since seborrheic dermtitis may be a suspect condition.  The ketoconazole burned my skin and didnt help, and the zinc soap does not help much either.  I came back to her and she confirmed it is adult acne and some kind of dermatitis which cannot be cured.  Dermatologist told me to try vegetarian diet and drink a lot of water, cut out carbs, sugar, diary.  But this did not help.

She tell me isotretinoin will most likely help my skin but the side effects are too dangerous so she is refusing to prescribe.  My pores are huge and i have oily leathery skin that is extremely dry.  Ive tried tretinoin, benzoyl peroxide, topicals, as well as dozen lotions, steroid creams, and moisturizers but none of them help, they cause more irritation and flaking.  My skin stings and burns all the time, and swollen from the acne, it causes so much pain.  It feels like insects are crawling in my skin.  But i dont know what to do. Ive tried everything and i am at my wits end.  I cannot see a dermatologist right now as they are overbooked until next year and I currently am uninsured.  Please, does anyone have any idea wat could be causing this?  Maybe is it deeper issue?  Ive tried looking online but I could not find anyone with similar problem.  
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It sounds like Demodex mites
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