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I need help!! have seen 4 dermotologists with no answers!!!

my skin problem started almost 10 months ago, 3 days after giving birth to my daughter....after being released from the hospital, my ring finger became very itchy and eventually saw small clear blisters forming,,,,they would naturally break and my finger became red, itchy,bleeding, painful, with scales,,,,the same eventually happened to every finger on both hands....and on my forearms....i was prescribed a cycle of prednisone by my family doctor & referred to a dermotologist,,, with the prednisone it completely cleared,however 2 days after my last day of prednisone it started right back up and became just as bad within the week....they did blood work thinking it was auto-immune with not results, i have now seen 4 dermotologists, one will see me several times and then refer me to someone else because they are not sure what is going on,,,,i have used every otc cream, prescribed hydrocortisone, been on 9 cycles of prednisone, because its the only way it goes completely away & they have gotten bad enough that they become infected,.ive been using EVERYTHING hypo-allergenic for 7 months, hand light therapy, anti-biotics,pure vaseline...all of this in 10 months and still wear gloves to do dishes, bath,bath my children, change diapers,clean,,,and wear cotton gloves any other time with somekind of cream lathered on..in 10 months i can count on 1 hand the amount of times ive been able to go without gloves on ...im now at a lose, beyond frustrated at the situation,,,and in so much pain, its hard to do just about anything that needs my hands,,,i can actually feel my heartbeat through the tips of my fingers....please,please any help i would appreciate,,,im a stay at home mom of 3..under the age of 5 . and my days are becoming more and more difficult !!!!!
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I would rule out 'Acrodermatitis Continua of Hallopeau' in your case before proceeding further therapy. A biopsy would help in arriving at a diagnosis.
Regards and best wishes.
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i have never even heard of that...i did just look it up, and scary enough ...sounds like me :-( thankyou for your time!!!! i appreciate any advise at this point
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Guess things ill workout fine. Do consult your Doc.
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