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My scalp is itchy, and my hair i falling out. Can it be mold?

Hello!  My name is Mugura, and I am 22.  I am the type of person who has always had thick healthy head of hair, but about 2 years ago when I started working at this medical facility with mold my hair started falling out to the extreme.  I used to wash my hair everyday and I would loss moderate amount of hair, but it started coming out by the bunch.  When I really noticed a problem was when I went to sleep and woke up.  I would wake up there are a tons of hairs on my sheets and pillows.  This was very unusual for me, because I had never had to clean my bed every morning due to hair being all over the place.  My hair falls all the time now.  When I brush my hair,  try to make a braid, get my hair wet, running my fingers through my hair, and even when I'm literally just standing around,  it falls like crazy.  My head is always itchy and when I scratch it hair usually comes falling-out with it with pimple-like ends (I'm pretty sure it's not just the bulb).  My scalp feels dry and it's so darn itchy.  My hair is still growing I can tell cause I have baby hairs, and I cut my hair really short (10in because it was falling so much) and I can tell that it has gotten longer, but I can tell that my hair is definitely thinner especially on the side and crown of my head. The only thing that I could think of that could be causing my hair to fall out was working at the place with mold.  Would that be logical to think or has it been to long for something like that to be affecting me.  Please advise. Thank you!  
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I have had the same problem. My hair is now about 50% of the thickness it used to be. It's horrible. It started about a year and a half ago. It is very itchy and the follicle seems to be shedding as well? The bulb that comes out is often very large and if you inspect the scalp carefully, the base of the hair where it connects the the scalp is often surrounded by skin or dry sebum or something. I also now get lumps in various places on my scalp, some small, some larger - this is a more recent development. I have had no luck figuring it out so far.
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