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Painful finger scar after 5 months or something more?

I'm a 37 year old male otherwise healthy non-diabetic.

I sliced my index fingertip open with a clean/new exacto knife blade out of the packaging 5 months ago. The blade entered into the tip parallel with the nail plate and penetrated deeply. Tetanus was up to date. I cleaned it out with peroxide but did not seek medical attention for stitches instead I steristripped it shut with also some amerigel ointment. Healing was uneventful no infection or pus whatsoever some numbness at the tip took about 2 weeks to close fully. First two months there was little to no pain. After that I felt like sensation of touch was fully restored but now 5 months later deep aching constant 3/10 pain and the scar seen in the image looks puffy to me. I do have a history of hypertrophic scars elsewhere but I am worried about possible felon in the fingertip or osteomyelitis development. I recently lost my job due to coronavirus related business downturn and my medical insurance but plan to pick up a new plan very soon.

Question: Is this emergent? Would seeing a derm or plastic surgeon help or be a waste of time and money? Would injection therapy help? Should I just stick to daily self massage and give it more time? Given it's size and location how much longer should I give it to remodel into something less painful? I'm lost on what to do and the pain seems to be getting worse.

Finger a month ago: https://imgur.com/a/82rXdeM

Finger today: https://imgur.com/a/puh7Kzh

Today natural light different angle puffiness: https://imgur.com/a/uwLfrs2
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19350646 tn?1476214021
The chronic everyday pain I feel is similar to what you would feel if you burned your fingertip on a hot stove.
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