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Painful, itchy and hot lumps on right lower leg

Hi there,

For the past 3+ weeks I have been getting these really itchy and super painful lumps on my right lower leg. They start out like a little bite/pimple, then become very swollen and hot. They often end up turning black in the centre with an evident hole in the middle.

At first I assumed they were insect bites, however, I had completely cleaned out my house and car with insect spray, and they are still appearing. The first one appeared when I was overseas in Bali 4 weeks ago. It had almost healed when a new lump appeared. Since then, they are appearing more frequently.

When I saw my doctor at the start of the week, he said he thought they were just infected mosquito bites. I do not feel this is correct however, as these lumps have been appearing for so many weeks now, and only affect my lower right leg. No where else on my body has had any lumps, and no one else in my household has had any. Just today I have had 4 new lumps magically appear on my leg whilst I was in the middle of the shopping centre.

I am worried I may have picked up a parasite or some sort of skin infection in Bali. My stomach has also been very upset. I have been using topical antibiotics and steroids, but they have not been helping.

Any advice would be amazing!
Thank you
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