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Scratches/bites at night!!!

I have the same problem! very thin small lines/scratches when I wake up in the morning.  The I get this allergy like itching all over my body.  I really think in may be some kind of microscopic insect biting/scratching me at night.  I have had my sister sleep over and she also woke up with identical scratches.  The Dr. do not seem to have an answer for me and it's constant for a few months.  I disinfected my entire home and from mattresses, dressers clothing. I was fine for 2 months and now it's back! can someone please help!
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It does sound like you are getting bitten. Have you considered talking with an exterminator?
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No, I have not but I will today.  I just wish I knew what I am getting bitten from, maybe the exterminator can help.  Thank you
Except for the shape of the bites, it seems like everything you are describing points to bedbugs. Some people don't even react to bedbug bites at all, maybe you just react with those little scratch lines instead of round bumps.
OMG! I can't deal. I went away last year and it's been horrible ever since.
Sounds like you need professional help. Good luck with the exterminator.
Also, look up a good article or two on bedbugs with photos of them on mattress seams or in furniture or doorframes. They are really tiny even when full grown and look more like mildew than bugs. And the babies are clear, very hard to see. You might have cleaned out the adults and had a crop of babies grow up, thus had the break in between getting bitten.

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