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Phimosis or tight foreskin

I have never had issues with tight foreskin or phimosis in the past. Recently during a bad heatwave, I noticed the area around my glands to be itchy, upon getting home to shower, I noticed red spots on the glands which went away by the next day. Smegma was also present. I did a thorough cleaning and by the next day all that was noticed then was irritation, no more spots or smegma. Over the next few days this would change and while the dermatology of my glands and skin improved, phimosis had set in. It is not severe, meaning if I take my time, I can pull it back, though when erect it will not allow me to go further then the behind portion of my glands. I have a more easier time taking a bath and retracting the foreskin there. Just as phimosis was noticed, one retraction I did caused a small tear to show, this is not a first time experiencing a tear, no infection occurred, and the tear has since healed over mostly. I went to get examined, fearing balanitis or other issues. The doctor ruled out balanitis stating they only notice it to be irritation. My urine was tested for infection and and STI just in case, all came back negative.

Since the exam, phimosis has not really improved, though not gotten worst. Taking a bath stil proves to be the best course to retract the foreskin for cleaning. When not in the bath, and the foreskin is forward, I notice the foreskin feels quite dry on the outside, not like it usually feels. I have had no issues urinating, no ballooning or other problems.

Only medication I have taken prior to this issue being noticed was Aero-Moxifloxacin 400mg on a 7 day run for a skin infection on my hand.
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