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Rash moves around

My symptoms are exactly the same as Moonsie in a previous post. I have tried many treatments prescribed by my GP and my Dermatologist to no avail. Any news on this condition? Any suggestions?

This discussion is related to Itchy rash moving to new sections of body.
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I also developed a raised pink rashy area (5 inches long and 2 inches wide) on my hip, about 5 days ago. I put calamine lotion on it which helped a little. Also, I have been taking benedril for the terrible itching.It went away from my hip, was on the back of my neck and went away, then to the palm of my hand, which itched so bad i was scratching it with a fork. Now its no longer on my palm but between my fingers, and on the back of my neck and three 2 inch round circles on my stomach. Im thinking its some kind of bacterial thing like ringworm. Its been raining for about two weeks now and my apartment has single pane windows, so theres a lot of moisture in my home. (We have to pull the couch away from the wall or mold grows) Im seeing my doctor tomorrow to see what she thinks it is. And will post the results.
Update please! Did you ever find out what it was?
Im suffering with the same thing and it has been cold and rainy here too. The rash started on my inner elbow, that one now looks like a ringworm but as with the first post thighs, cleavage, below my breasts and back are the worst. Sometimes a small spot will show up but most times its just an itchy patch and it feels like the itch is inside my body. Why so many people with these symptoms all of a sudden?
I also had an extremely drive you crazy itchy rash like this on and off for 7 months that would disappear and come back -started on back of neck, moved to right thigh, then neck would be Ok but it was then on stomach, etc. Only my face never got it. I had 2 skin biopsies and a ton of bloodwork done, and it was finally diagnosed as hives caused by the flu which I had when it first started. You absolutely have to see a dermatologist for tests to rule out lots of other things to get a diagnosis and treatment!
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