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Recurring Lump In Arm Pit Area

I have this lump just beneath the skin in my left arm pit area. I have had this particular one for more than a month. It's been oozing yellowish pus and sometimes blood. It is bothersome and painful. What could it be and why does it keep returning every couple of months?
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Definitely see your doctor first off.  Also, in spite of popular belief, you don't really need to be using deodorant or antipersirants.  Especially, don't use antiperspirants.  Think about it, your body is meant to sweat and this sweating is part of your immune system.  What was said about the aluminum and the smelly ingredients is right on the money.  Forget that Crystal stuff, too.  That one is an illusion and it actually contains high amounts of aluminum.  Think, too, how close the arm pits are to lymph nodes, which are also part of your immune system.  It's no wonder that the aluminum causes breast cancer.

I am a very sensitive person.  I avoid using any deodorants 'til I have to.  I have chemical sensitivities.  You really don't need to use the stuff.  There are a couple of things you can do if you're worried about odors:  Wash the arm pits a couple times a day if you notice the odor, like when you've been sweating.  Buy a baking soda brand that specifically says that it is aluminum free.  It is gentler to the skin, too.  You can put some in a shaker and/or gently pat a bit onto the arm pits after you've dried them.  I noticed that if I'm not dry enough I'll still get irritated skin, so dry arm pits is essential.  Make sure the baking soda is aluminum free.  I made the mistake of not using aluminum free in the past because I didn't know.  The aluminum free kind I found is much milder tasting, too.

You can also do an internal detox.  Or, at least get a chlorophyll supplement.  Chlorophyll is said to work like an internal deodorizer.

You will find, too, that just washing the arm pits and not even using deodorant will work most of the time.  This would be the first way of dealing with this.  If you keep using the deodorant while you have this infection, you're just irritating it and making the infection worse.

I would really recommend supplementing your medical care with alternative medicine.  DON'T stop seeing your regular doctor.  The natural university in this area actually won't see people unless they keep their regular doctors.  They teach integrative medicine.  It is NOT one or the other.  A naturopath may help you find the root of the problem.  Or, the naturopath can help supplement your care by helping you with what you need specifically that will help you support your immune system.  This will only help your regular conventional doctor by helping you.  

This sounds like some kind of mix of what is happening in the direct vicinity of the arm pits and something internal.  I do think that adding a naturopath to the mix will only help.  It doesn't have to be one or the other.  The natural university here teaches integrative medicine.  In fact, they won't take patients who don't keep their regular conventional doctors.  It doesn't need to be a battleground of pitting one kind of medicine against the other.  A naturopath can help support your healthcare with a conventional doctor.  That's the way the naturopaths who go to the university here are taught.  A naturopath can help you get your immune system at its best and can often help you get to the root of a problem, instead of just the band aid approach that you will get with only conventional medicine.  This combination is called integrative medicine.  If an antibiotic is called for, which is what I'm thinking, then, of course the conventional doctor would be the doctor to get help from.  A naturopath can help you strengthen your immune system and may even find the root cause of why this keeps happening to you in the first place.  As odd as it sounds, it could even be food sensitivities.  My naturopath always starts people with the elimination diet, because so many health issues can be attributed to food sensitivities.  

Then, too, you could have some kind of sensitivity to the ingredients in the deodorant you've been using, which is why I made the initial suggestions in this post.  Besides the lymph nodes being right there, your skin is the largest organ to the body.  Your skin is affected by what you put on it as well as what you put in the body.  So, thus, the mention of food sensitivities in the above paragraph.

So, see the doctor and use an antibiotic if one is prescribed, then stop using deodorant there 'til this heals.

Oh, I just thought of one other thing:  You will need to stop shaving there for a little while.  I didn't say permanently.  Only you will ever know if it has to be a permanent solution.  But, definitely for now stop shaving.  It's winter right now, so no one will notice under your clothes.  Only you and/or your significant other will ever know.  No one else will ever see you under your clothes.
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Are you using smelly deodorants at all?
The armpit glands can be axtremely sensative to things like that, and can actually cause these ***** infections.

If you visit your Dr they will more than likely put you on Antibiotics so I suggest you go visit them pronto since it's not shifting itself.

Stop using any form of smellies when you shower and refresh.
Now go see your dr!
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Also look at you deodorant ingredients. Aluminum in deodorant can cause breast cancer. If the percent is high then that is really bad. If it doesn't say aluminum free then it is an ingredient. In that case buy a aluminum free deodorant. They cost about the same and are much better for you.
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Don't you think you should see your MD? I suggest you make an appointment Now!!
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