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Recurring rash on inner thighs

I have been getting recurring rashes on my inner thighs since I was a kid. I remember getting this as young as 8 or 9 years old that I can remember. To this day out of no where I will get a rash on my inner thighs.. its always red, blotchy, itching like hives. I have never been able to pin point anything other then chlorine (so I think). Anytime I go into a swimming pool that has chlorine I will be fine while in the pool but as soon after I rinse off and get out of my swim suit the rash starts. This also has always happened to me since I was a kid. So because of that I stay away from pools in the summer which really *****. The thing that boggles me is when I get it from time to time out of no where even if I am no in pools. Any one else have this issue? Could this be a type of fungus of the skin? It's really irritating cause I can go months and months and then out of no where get it again. Then I use Benydryl cream or pills and it goes away until another day out of nowhere it decides to reappear.
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This could be a heat rash...or a rash from continuous rubbing ( from your legs rubbing together as you walk.)

Bad clothing...some contain latex, chemicals, etc that your body is protesting to...can also include detergents etc.

Sweat rash is also possible, as are insect bites.
Fungal infection/jock itch, soaps, shingles, STDs,  ( syphilis, herpes, or warts; cause rashes on the inner thighs in both women and men. The disease symptoms are all different but mainly occur around or in the area of the genitals, and may spread to the areas beneath the groin, such as the inner thigh. )

Hope this list helps. Try making a journal of when it happens. List any and all foods/beverages ingested within a 48 hour period prior to breakout. List any and all soaps, laundry detergents/fabric softeners, shampoos and conditioners as well.
Anything that is "different"...example:
Had lasagna for dinner, with apple juice and garlic toast. Took a shower and used ? soap, ? shampoo, and ? conditioner. Wore a new pair of pants.

The next time you break out see if any of those things are on your previous list.
Keeping a journal will help you to pinpoint what is causing the rash.
It will also help if you end up seeing a doctor about your problem.
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Well I know its not STD related... one cause it started a child and two because I get a check up every year and have been with my husband for a very long time etc.

That is a great idea ! I think I am going to make a list the next time I have a break out.

Anyone else get the rash when swimming in pools? Anyone been able to stop it from happening and been able to swim in pools? Do you think taking Claritin before swimming would help?
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I get a rash at the back of my thigh on a specific place. It occurs on a specific day and time and only to reoccur after a week on the same spot. Its is a weekly reoccurance. It only lasts for a day or two and disappears.its not close to togather its spread out on the specific area of my thigh. It is not an STI because I have done my yearly medical and it came back negative. There are no blisters and its not itching, but just irritating with a little sting there and there. Help!
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I have the same issue! It happens in the same place every time it burns not itches and always on my legs only usually lower thigh in the area where the knee joins it's painful and it lasts about a week or more gradually getting worse. I also have a pool. I hardly believe it's an allergic reaction to new products when it occurs considering I use the same stuff prior to getting the breakout!!!! Wish I could determine what exactly it is!
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