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Sudden sunken cheeks and eyes

Hi, I am a 24 years old male. Ever since I was around 13-14. My cheeks(especially the chin, temple and forehead) and eyes can gets sunken sometimes it looks as if there’s no fat underneath the skins and it can take few days to weeks for it to recover, it usually happens after sleep, good sleep can sometime make it better but not always. First I thought it was hormones but I have my thyroid and sex hormones checked they all normal. I am now thinking maybe it’s some sort of water retention problem?along side the face change, my hair also appears dull and lack electricity.
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Have you had your vitamin levels checked?

I definitely think this requires some follow up. Take some selfies of when it's bad, and then when it's good so you can show the doc in case your appointment is on a good day.

It could definitely be a hydration issue - https://www.healthline.com/health/sunken-eyes It could also be an allergy, too.

Let us know what they say.
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Hi, I haven’t checked vitamin level, what vitamin deficiency do you think could be responsible for this? My mother and her brother also suffer from this condition, I been searching from the internet for a while now still couldn’t find anything that quite match it.

Also, I sometime take antidepressants( remeron, trazodone) for sleep and they seem to worsen my symptoms
I don't know if there is one vitamin specifically that would cause this - I'd be more concerned overall with your nutrition.

I really think you need to follow up with your doctor. Let him/her know that it seems worse after you take the meds for sleep, and that your mom and uncle have this. That will allow them to consider genetic conditions.

Really - just go to your doctor and let us know what happens.
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That's odd you have this AFTER you have good sleep.  Would think it would be worse without sleep.  And it makes sense that you'd have hydration issues after a long sleep since you aren't drinking. Maybe work on that by drinking extra earlier in the day. And since your mom and brother have it, it just might be your DNA.  Your doctor could tell you if there are any genetic conditions this is a sign of.  Otherwise, it's just something you may have been born with. Do you think you get poor quality sleep and so may also not be fully rested when on those days this appears when you get up?

ya, see a doctor about it.  
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I suspect it’s the drug that make it worse, I took 15mg of mirtazapine for sleep two months ago and the next day my skin become saggy and thin within week my lower cheek sunken in even more and still haven’t recovered
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