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What are these hard needle like things in my pores?

Whenever I have a large pimple on my face that I've popped I end up with these strange tiny hard white things that protrude from the pores, they feel like little needles and I've tried to pull them out with a tweezers and have even tried digging them out but they seem to be rooted into my pores. No they don't secrete anything when squeezed, they are solid. When I get pimples I unfortunately can't help picking them so one pimple will end up being a big ugly sore and many pores end up being opened so there will be a bunch of these things exposed and if I run my finger across them it actually feels like a fine grit sandpaper! Are these things just a normal part of pores that I should be leaving alone or is there something wrong with my skin?
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It is really hard to tell if you can't take a look at them, but they sound like normal parts of your skin.  Are they hurting or bothering you?  If they are, it would be worth a trip to the doctor to have them take a quick look at it.  
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