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What "hurts" urticaria pigmentosa?

My child was diagnosed with urticaria pigmentosa at the age of 3 months.  I didn't do a lot of research about it at first just trusting my doctors.  Now at 18 months old she seems to really struggle.  What can make this worse?  Is it possible that swimming can irrate her skin?
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I personally have Urticaria Pigmentosa mastytosis. I know alot about it . It can cause your stomach to hurt. Everybody varies with different problems. I can speak for my self that stress can cause my skin to flare up being upset emotionally. I cannot be in the sun a long time because it can cause me to go in Shock. Swimming should not be done for more than a hour if they are young because it does cool them off but it can make their histamine rise due to the sun contact. I am allergic to wasp bees anything that has venom can kill me. I have to take an Epi-Pen everywhere I go because of unknown reason for allergic severe reactions. Soaps should not be scented . I have lesions from head to toe and I was born with it . It has cleared up since I was  A baby . I had blood blisters from head to toe and my mama wrapped me with gauzes. Do not remove the gauzes without water if they need gauze. If you remove it without water their skin will come off with the gauzes. I cannot have chocolate or caffeine. When their spots are flushed they need to have their histamine level checked due to their diagnosis. The disease is incurable and very life threatening. I was not suppose to make it.
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The disease is very painful
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