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pain in armpit

ill get straight to the point, about yesterday i was having uneasy feelings around my armpit area, this morning when i woke up it was hurting a little and the pain is still there, i put some ointment on it and itstarted to burn, about a month ago i had a little painless lump on the groin area , but this one is painful, ive also had nasal congestion for the past 2 months and im pretty sure its due to allergies, this lump on the armpit is hurting whenever i touch it or around the area. what could this possibly be i took an std test in april and was negative, also have shortness of breath, could this all be allergic reaction or something more serious
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Allergic reactions seldom present with enlarged lymph nodes unless the allergies are drug induced or is simply associated with an underlying infectious process.

The lump in the armpit and the groin may suggest that you need to have nearby areas of the body assessed. The enlarged node in the armpit may suggest infections in the chest especially in the areas of the breast and the arms. An enlarged node in the groin requires a complete pelvic examination.

The bump in the armpit may be an infected lymph node or it may be a superficial skin infection like a boil, folliculitis, or an infected insect bite.
You may need oral antibiotics for this.

Does the bump n eh armpits present with discharge?

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No there is no present signs of any discharge, to properly describe it, it has a stinging feeling and itchy and continuous pain completely bearable, its inside the skin hard lump like barely noticeable  by the eye unless felt through
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can you give a little analysis after the description, coz  i am freaking out here, cant go to docs until tomorrow
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The lump is not reddish and it seems to be beneath the skin. A lymphadenitis is likely, as well as a lipoma and an infected or inflamed sweat or sebaceous gland. I understand you are worried about this. If the lump is an enlarged lymph node then this may be secondary to an infection as you have noted of nasal  congestion and some flulike symptoms (is this correct) previously. EBV infection also needs to be ruled out here. EBV causes infectious mononucleosis which may present with enlarged lymph nodes on the neck , armpits and groin.

Lipoma and an infected sebaceous gland may present with a lump and tenderness also. Lipoma may appear in areas of the body rich in fat such as the abdomen and back. The lump is doughy in character and may be movable and slip through the fingers when you palpate this.

Refrain from touching the area. My primary differential here is EBV or infectious mononucleosis.

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the thing about the sweat gland do u think it would have anythin to go with that, i was basically playing the whole of yesterday and sweat way too much, and this irritation did start this morning.

and on the side  note, does this have anything to do with STD
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