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would removing the hair near my anus help lower the chances of my eczema flaring up?

Hello. I have an eczema that flares up around my anus (on the outside) which causes quite a bit of discomfort when it happens (which is usually in summer when I tend to sweat more in that area. I also have hair growing around there which seems to cause the area to be moist and probably doesn’t help. I have a salve that works quite well but only handles the problem when it flares up and doesn’t prevent it (which I understand isn’t really possible).
Thanks in advance for all your help
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Well, it might be possible.  If you truly have eczema, it's not an incurable disease, it's just a fancy name for itchy skin from dryness or whatever.  If you can fix the cause, if you can find it, that fixes the problem.  For example, for some people it's not eating a diet sufficiently rich in essential fatty acids.  For some it's a side effect of antibiotics.  I don't see how hair makes something more moist -- that doesn't really make sense -- and shaving will have to be repeated regularly, make the hair stiffer once you start shaving it making shaving even more irritating, and irritate the skin.  If moisture is the problem, it's more likely a recurrent fungal infection.  I have no idea what you have or the best way to rid yourself of it, but it's hard to see how shaving the area does anything but irritate it more.
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Hey, thanks for the quick answer. The proctologist I visited declared it to be an eczema. The moisture thing was my idea cause it seems to happen more when I sweat in that area and for some reason (I guess unfounded) I believe that I sweat more in closed areas with hair (aka that region)
It's very possible your doctor misdiagnosed you.  Eczema is a fallback diagnosis that often doesn't mean much.  But where there's moisture, I'd much more suspect a fungal infection than eczema, which is more associated with dry and irritated skin.  Obviously, the doc saw it and I didn't.
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