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Abs workout when wearing an Insulin pump


I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 7 months ago and I have just started with an insulin pump, which is great!! I have always been very active in the gym and my problem now is that I don't know if I can work out my abs with the infusion set connected to my stomach. Any tips or advice are welcome

Cheers, Mike
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My hats off to you for working out so diligently.  I wish I had the discipline.  I have a pump also and I see no reason why you can't continue to work your abs.  The only thing I would do is to test your blood sugar before you workout and if it is anywhere near normal or low, I would just disconnect the pump or lower your basal rate for that hour.  Your doctor can give you better guidelines on how to adjsut your insulin when you exercise.  I have exercised with my pump and I have never had any problem, other than being in lousy shape.  Those pumps are pretty sturdy and stay put pretty well.  I use those IV Preps which seem to help the infusion sets stay put even when I sweat or go swimming. As far as placement, I just stick my pump in my pocket when I workout and that doesn't seem to be a problem.  I would say experiment with what works for you, but definitely don't stop your exercise routine because of the pump.  Thanks for the inspiration.  A friend of mine teaches an abs class and I may just get back on track. Good Luck to you!
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I agree with ES.  IN recent months I've been doing much better about getting regular exercise.  I've found that disconnecting works better for me since I thought I was noticing some degradation -- not at the infusion site, but in the insulin itself after getting shaken, rocks & rolled while I'm doing aerobic exercise.  

If my BG is within my pre-exercise target range, I just disconnect and exercise away.  If I'm lower, I eat a bit and if I'm higher I bolus a bit -- but I reduce the bolus knowing I'll be exercising.  I do test quite a bit on exercise days cuz sometimes I run high a few hours later -- probably due to having cut off the basal for a while.  I just correct and get on with life.

Probably, I should work with an exercise specialist to better tune up what I do.  There is no good reason we should "pay for exercise" with a high ...
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Mike -

I've found it easier to attach the infusion site to my oblique area rather than the abs.  Actually, as high up, right under my rib cage, as I comfortably can.  Ab workouts are no problem at all with the site there.

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