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Hello! I was wondering if anyone can help me with this question because Google isn't helping. I'm 19. I have diabetes since I was 6. I just realized I had to start taking care of myself, so I was wondering how many carbs does a type 1 diabetic is suppose to have per day?
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Hey there! I don't think you need to limit yourself to a certain amount of carbs per day. I would recommend trying a high protein and high fiber diet. Also try meal planning. Having a plan will ensure that you aren't going overboard on carbs, and knowing how many carbs you'll have for each meal will help you plan your bolus more correctly.

Hope that helps
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How many carbs depends on how much carbs your body can handle and you can cover properly with insulin.  Many people with diabetes find that a low carb diet (est. 100 g/day) or even a very low carb diet (est 40 - 60g)/day works for them.  The carbs come mainly from non-starchy vegetables.

You will have to work out by trial and error (using your meter) what works for you.   Also you will need to check out how to properly dose both basal and bolus insulin.

Look up dr. Richard Bernstein.  His book is called diabetes solution.  he is the master of low carb eating and optimal diabetes management (he is 82 and has had diabetes for about 70 years).  He also has a series of lectures on utube.

You can also research on "type1grit", this is a support group all using low carb to achieve normal blood sugars.

Hope this helps.
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My Dr put me on a 60 carb breakfast and 70 carbs for lunch and dinner. I'm also very active.
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