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Celiac or Wheat Allergy

My daughter has nearly all the classic symptoms for celiac, but her bloodwork came back negative.  Is this unusual?  I had to request an endoscopy to confirm it - the GI dr agreed to do it but says she probably just has a wheat/gluten allergy and that an allergist will have to diagnose that.  I thought celiac was an allergy to gluten...any input would be greatly appreciated.
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See the question above about celiac vs. allergies. Celiac is a disease whereby the body cannot digest foods containing wheat, but allergies are different in that the food can digest, but those foods cause an autoimmune response. Symptoms can be similar. The same confusion happens sometimes with dairy issues. My husband cannot digest dairy products... he does not produce the enzyme needed to digest them. But this is not an allergy. No autoimmune response happens when he eats a piece of pizza. Similar symptoms, but different causes. Hope that helps clarify. I agree that a visit to an allergist would be smart.
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An endoscopy is a good idea, because she could also have an autoimmune disease such as Crohn's, which can have symptoms similar to those of celiac disease.
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