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Glucose screening, Im devistated for not believing him!!

My son is 17 and Wed. is going for a 5 hr glucose screening... For months he calls from school saying he is sick and doses off and on in school...He hates school so I just figured he wanted to get out of class.  So I would tell the school nurse to get him a coke and go on with the day.

This past Friday he called I went to school and found him in the bathroom on the floor..confused..white as a ghost and very cold..yet sweating..and throwing up from nausea.

After I got him home..and a coke later..he fell asleep unitl that night...waking up famished, he ate soup and crackersand felt much better but still nauseated

Little did I know the doctor report from May had read his glucose was 71 for nonfasting.  And his triglycerides were 196 which were a little high.

I feel horrible!!!!    Today the Dr. did lots of blood work and set us up with the glucose screening...I need some input on screening. Can it vary thru different days?  Can glucose be different from hour to hour?
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Don't beat yourself up over not realizing your son had a real problem   I do not understand the 71 BS nonfasting.  That is perfectly normal.  That is probably why the doctor is doing the glucose tolerance test.  Yes, one's BS can [and often does] vary from day to day and hour to hour - even if you are not diabetic.  There are parameters.  If his glucose is way out of those parameters, it will give the doctor a diagnoses of diabetes.  Otherwise, hoepfully the battery of blood work will find another answer for you.  Good luck.
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Thank you for your reply!!  His 5hr glucose test showed his sugar level dropped in 2hrs to 49 when fasting. In 3 hrs started going up..which meant his body is pulling sugar from other areas of his body.  hypoglycemic is the Dr. answer so he just takes extra things to eat after each class.  

I hoping this doesnt lead into something else
Thanks again
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