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Symptoms of Juvenile Diabetes

What are the symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes? I have a child who is extremely tired and thirsty all the time. Should I have him checked for diabetes?
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In my experience, with my son, he was extremely thirsty, tired
and had weight loss.  I would have him checked by a physician
as soon as possible.  It is a simple test and best to have it done sooner than later.
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My six-year-old son was extremely thirsty in May even though it was a cool spring in the Washington DC area.  He also was going to the bathroom all the time and even wet his bed at night a few times.  Plus he was very emotional and lethargic.  I took him to the doctor, sure she would tell me that it was nothing.  Instead, we ended up in the hospital that night because he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.  Fortunately, we caught it very early and there were no medical problems, and he has been going to camp and having a fun summer.  The upshot of what I am trying to say:  see your child's pediatrician.  Our doctor said she used to see one case of Type 1 diabetes a year.  In May alone, she diagnosed three cases!
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Were there other symptoms?

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JDRF, Annalise & Joe- after reading your messages and thinking about my son's recent behavior - he has been a little cranky these past few weeks.  We have an appointment with his pediatrician tomorrow.  I'm praying that he's ok, but if he does have diabetes, at least I know where to come for more info!!

Thank you for giving me a place to air my panic!


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Let us know how it goes, Sandy.  Having been through it very recently myself, I can understand how you feel.  And I forgot to mention...in addition to the other symptoms of Type 1 diabetes, my son's weight also plunged from 43 pounds at his six-year checkup in February down to 38 pounds the day he was diagnosed.  He has since gained all that weight back and looks much better.
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What symptoms appear first? My so (10) has been very irritable the last few weeks he has also seemed unwell being pale and slow to heal any cuts etc and has just started to drink just a little bit more than normal.and waking at night to go to the toilet. In any one else experience can the onset of diabetes be this slow. Or is it usually quicker. I have family history of insulin dependent adult onset diabetes.

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