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T1D symptoms

Recently I've been not feeling myself and I want to ask people who have gone through this before I go to my GP. Im not diagnosed with diabetes however I have a small fraction of my family with either t1 or t2. I've often felt shaken, and get palpitations and I can hear them if that makes sense. I get super duper tired after eating, especially carbs like a baguette or Chinese food or even sugary tea. I get so tired that I fall asleep in the day. I've fainted before only for a few seconds about an hour after eating. I go to pee more often, like maybe twice an hour. Since I can remeber I've wet the bed, however in the past few years I don't do it often, maybe one night a week at max, sometimes going dry for a few weeks. However the past two months I've done it most nights. I try to not drink anything before bed but I'm constantly thirsty. Anyone think this could be t1 or t2. For context I'm female teenager.
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Hi Shophieliz,

Definitely sounds like you need to see a doctor and get your blood sugars tested.    Sooner than later please.

Does anyone in your family have a blood sugar meter you can use to test your sugars.   if they do, please test your fasting blood sugar (should be in the 70 - 90 range) and your 2  hour post eating levels (should be ideally 80 - 100 range, but certainly less than 140).  

The correct testa for a doctor to do will be fasting blood sugar and Hba1c.  IF either of these tests are abnormal, they should be doing a glucose tolerance test and maybe antibodies.

Please come back and let us know how you're going.  Wetting the bed every night and feeling thirsty all the time are quite concerning and could indicate type 1 diabetes.
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Get in with a good endocrinologist. And buy a blood sugar kit. Check your sugar regularly.
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