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drop in BGs over night and high BGs in the morning

I have been type 1 diabetic for 24 years now (female), and I am using lantus(once a day) and humalog(3 times) for the last 5 years.
between bedtime and breakfast I am having a drop in BGs of around 10-13 mmols. and then in the mornings, after breakfast BGs shoot up, so my normal carb-insulin ratio doesnt work well.
I cannot understand why this overnight drop is happening, which is becoming scary. I tested BGs during the night and there seems to be a drop of 2 mmol/hour. I am forced to go to bed with readings around 20, so that I will wake up with 7-8. I tried to decrease my lantus intake from 28u to 21u, but the nighttime drop didnt decrase or disappaer, insated i started to have very high readings during daytime. I also tried to take lantus twice a day, but that didnt make any difference either. I am wondering whether this is some hormone related issue ,or whether I have developed some resistance vs humalog so it doesnt work well (and the lantus is too much). I have given up using any alcohol or doing demanding exercise(jogging) for a while  becuase they make the matters worse (though i really enjoy exercising).
any suggestions to why this is happening or how i can take care of this would be greatly helpful. thanks
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I am not physician, but a volunteer and the mom of a type one diabetic.   It has been proven that in some people Lantus does. Peak and have a tail.  

I would suggest that you call your endocrinologist as have him/her review your numbers.  They will know best whether to decrease your Lantus, or to increase your carb ratio for the morning hours.

I would not switch taking your Lantus from night to morning without doctor supervision as this will leave you with out background insulin for too many hours.  You could go into Ketonacidosis.
You are right alcohol and exercise do affect the blood sugars.  The exercise will lower your sugar, for several hours after the excurse is complete.  

You might also want to consider an insulin pump; they are a great way to keep your blood sugars in better control.
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I believe that Lantus reaches a peak after about 4 hours.  This peak is happening as you sleep.  Try to take your Lantus in the morning and it will wane out at night as you sleep.  That is what a lot of other Lantus users do when this happens to them and it has worked.  Let us know how it works for you.

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I'm a mother of a T1 3yr old.  I went through the same thing w/ him & just recently decided to just go back to the NPH & R.  His numbers got so out of control his daycare removed him.

I was told that there my be a peak but his were crazy. Before the injection we'll say he was 120 an hour later would be 240.  I got no answers. Just suggetions to switch to the pump.  
He's very active also so I ruled that out just yet! My mother also uses Lantus and she said she had to try multiple brands even though they say they're all the same.  So, if I find that the Levemir beand works better i will let you know.

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