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sudden death 5 days after treated for dka

24 yr old female, juvenile diabetic. admitted to hosp in severe dka  blood sugar 485 bp 175/169, tachacardia, vomiting, confused,  After much treatment 2 days in ccu 2 days in regular room released from hospital. 5 days later found deceased .  Please help me to understand how this can happen! autopsy waiting on toxicology reports. She was my friend and i just dont understand how or why?
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Did she have chiari malformation?
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I have no idea why my comment came to your post I am sorry for that i have just noticed it on my profile! Sorry for your loss :(
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Very sorry about your friend.  It may have been sure to very low blood sugar or there could have been other cause - diabetes can cause a lot of stress on body systems.  

I hope you can get closure when the pathology comes back.  
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I am very sorry for ur loss. I myself have been in Dka multiple times and is unfortunately a very dangerous situation. It is possible that if she quit medicating with insulin she could have gone back into Dka again or quite possible she could have over medicated and when her blood sugar got too low and unable to eat or drink to increase it she passed out and died in her sleep. I don't believe that an insulin overdose would show up in a toxicology report.
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Sorry for your loss. I myself almost ended in the same fate with my type 1.  I lived on a farm miles and miles away from any hospital. I was rushed to the closest one because my regular hospital would have been accepting me in a body bag. After weeks of recovering my orgasm were still damaged from it a little.
It is possible that a very needed organ had failed on her. Might show something in the blood, depending on the organs job. Quite possibly happened, peacefully, in her sleep like  AllyxE1150 said.  
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Yay! autocorrect to your nickname on my last post.
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I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. I was recently hospitalized for DKA, the 1st time after having Type 1 for 27 years, and understand how fortunate I am. I have been home from the hospital for 1 week and plan to return to work Monday. It has taken a lot of time and insulin adjustments to get to where I am now. I'm sorry that I cannot answer for what happened to your friend. Again, I am so sorry. It sounds like a lot was going on - esp. when considering the additional symptoms you listed. I truly hope you find the answers you seek. I will be thinking of you and wish you nothing but peace.
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