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what is the oldest living person with type 1

I was wondering how old is the oldest living person with type 1 diabetes?  More important how long has this person been a type 1? I am 42 years old and was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at age 2.  I have many complications now.  I'm surprised I made it this long.
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Hi!  I'm sorry to hear about your complications.  I can't find any specific record of age, but I do have a good friend who is 74 and was diagnosed at age 9.  I've heard stories of people in their 90's.  It's all about how well you manage your disease.
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my mum is 54 and been type 1 diabetic since she was 30, thats 24 years with no coplications.
On the other hand, i'm 19 and am diabetic (type 1 as well) since i was 9, 10 years WITH complications, my legs have been damaged.
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Not only does tight control make a difference in whether people get complications or not, but there seems to be some genetic component, too. Some folks who take excellent care of their glucose numbers get complications, while some who are more lax don't. However, studies have proven that tight control DOES help prevent complications no matter whether you are one of the "lucky" ones or not.
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Thank you for your answers.  But how does someone with type 1 in their 90's achieve the goal of taking care of themselves?  I've had this disease for 40 years.  Since the age of 2.  I know there was nothing for diabetics back then.  One shot of NPH was normal, and testing your urine was a way to guess what your blood sugar was.  Now...if you had a full bladder for a few hours, the test results were wrong.  Maybe 2 hours ago your sugar was high.  But 2 hours later you are having a hypo.  But the urine test showed your sugar being high.  I know I was in denial for over 30 years.  I never took care of myself.  Maybe this is why I have complications.  But a few of my type 1 friends never took care of themselves either.  They have no complications.  So who knows if it is genetics?  It certainly can't hurt keeping your blood sugars under control though.
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Part of my friend's longevity he credits to luck, but also to a fanatical parent who banned sugar from their house.  His family changed their lifestyle to support the changes required.  They used every since management principle for diabetes that they could, and stuck to them religiously.  Taking care of yourself is what gets you to old age as a diabetic.
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It's funny that this question just came to me out of the blue.  Next year my parents will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. My mom has always said how against dad's family was of the marriage because they told him she would always be sick and likely never have children.  Mom was 9 when diagnosed.  She did have trouble carrying pregnancies to term but there were 4 of us that made it.

Mom is going to be 75 in Feb.  She wears reading glasses only.  She has all of her teeth and all of her toes.  She takes great care of herself...so great that us kids never knew she even had it.  Yes, she has had complications and jumps on each one.  She also tries "new" procedures as they come up.  One thing she said to me once is that she does not like to go to the hospital where doctors try to tell her she's doing everything "wrong" and she ends up getting all screwed up.  She's been doing it long enough to know her own body.

But anyway, I was also curious a to how old the oldest is because my mom is quite proud of her status as "one of the oldest".
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