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diabetic rash or fungus

I have a rash or fungus around my waist stomach and butt area just went to the doctor and she is testing my bood sugar, she said this rash or fungus could be diabetic, is this possible
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Yes, about a third of people with diabetes will have a skin disorder caused or affected by diabetes at some time. For an overview go to the American Diabetes Association web site, click Living With Complications, on the left click Complications, scroll down and click Skin Complications.
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Chronic high levels of glucose apparently cause the immune system, specifically affecting the skin surfaces, to malfunction. This can result in dermatitis, or a number of other infections. Often, returning to close glucose control will cause remission of the skin condition.
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yes diabetics get a darking in the skin in those area's mostly in the growing and under arms . and nect and tummy. it means that person is insulen reductant.. there body does not obsorbe insulin like when you eat something your body brakes down the sugar and if you are insulin reductant then the sugar has no where to go and just goes in to the blood stream causen high blood sugar.. and then it like sticks in those certain areas that is not the word i want to use sticks. but it is what came to mind that would make sence.. but is a common place to get it .. this is the most relevant question is it a dark place that everyone thinks is dirt and it dont come off no matter how hard you wash it i have this on my neck and inside of my legs.. there are several factors that can cause it to grow is being over weight not eating right or working out normal i have this also and had gestanonal diabeties and it went a way but it runs in my family on both sides so i am more likly to get it does it run in your family most diabeties is genetic. people who have this dark ring in these places are more likly to get diabeties when older. like i know i will have it.. but i can change it with a good dite losen weight and starting to work out and if you just happen to have type one diabeites then you can possiable make it go away by liven a heathly life. well i hope this helps and keep me posted on what your doc. says it is let me know if i am right.. i dont want to be given advice that is wrong so if you would plz. let me know thanks and i hope all works out well for you just have faith that is all you need.. good luck..
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