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Byetta works best for me but is too high a tier on my plan.

Byeta worked great for me - lost 40 lbs on it the first time.  Then it went to a higher tier on my Medicare plan and I could not afford it.  Tried manufacturer website for help but I did not qualify.  Is there anything out there? $860 is too high for 3 months supply -- and that's not counting the donut hole price.  
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Ugh.  That stinks when you find something that works and you can't afford it!!  Can you appeal to the company again to see if you can get assistance?  Maybe your doctor could write a letter too?  There are shopping websites now for finding best prices on our medicine.  Have you tried one of those? GoodRX is an app that you can download on your phone and it provides pharmacy best prices near you and discounts that may be applicable. I'd recommend using that app and seeing if you can find it cheaper.  
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Thank you.
If you can't get byeta, are there any similar drugs that are covered under your plan?   Byeta is a class of drugs called insulin mimetics.  This includes Byeta/ Bydureon, Victoza, Januvia, among others.  Maybe your Dr can check if any of the others are covered and may be of help for you.

If you cannot get these drugs, you may want to try a low carb diet (low carb, moderate protein, and fat for balance of energy).  Some people find this way of eating helps both blood sugar control and weight management.
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I often do a search for any medication that I have that is not in the lowest tier. Some will say  that you cannot use with Medicare.
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