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Went to my doctor today and he said I am getting a "stiff heart."  That my heart doesn't go into the relax mode and this can become quite serious.  When I became a diabetic, I gained some weight, and all these health problems started.  Anway, he has told me about his drug called Byetta, that it works on your blood surgars, but it also has the added affect of making you lose weight.  Well, I was all gung ho to take it, then I read that it causes pretty severe stomach upset, that lasts a long time. And that it can cause pancreatic problems, but most importantly, it can cause kidney failure.  I also read somewhere that it really isn't all that effective for dropping your sugar levels.

Has anyone had any experience with this drug and how did you feel on it?  Did you have horrible side affects and did it make you lose weight? Like, how much weight?

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I am  on Byetta, I started off with the 5 dose twice aday  for 4 weeks and am now on the 10 dose shot twice a day. I have had no bad effects at all and am very happy that
I have managed to drop 11lb in the last 3 weeks.
While on Byetta your Doctor should keep an eye on your kidney function  my Doctor told me to contact him if I developed severe stomach pains (this could be pancreatitis but is very rare). It has lowered my blood glucose levels but I have been  making an effort to exercise more recently too which is very important .

Everbody is individual and what works for one person won,t for another, I had really severe stomach pains with Januvia and another med I was prescribed so its really trial and error. Good luck I hope this has been of some help to you.

Best wishes

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