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Could it be Diabetic related

Hello All and Thank You-

I am 34 year old white hetero male.  For the past year I have been constantly fatigued and tired, even after waking from 8 hours of good nights sleep.  Also, I have lots of skin problems and seem to become instantly tired after working out or any physical exertion at all.  

I have even tested HIV negative 6 times out to 1.5 years since a possible exposure to try to find out what is causing these problems for me.   Having been to primary care doc many many times with no answers as of yet (he did not test for diabetes), I really have no idea what to do to get out of this living hell I have been in for so long.

Does anyone know if what I am experiencing could be related to hypoglycemia and/or diabetes?  Some days it seems no matter how much sleep I get I am always feeling like I have not slept in days.  Please if you can provide me with any info it would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you all and God Bless.

NYFirefighter needs help.
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Chronic fatigue could be caused like a lot of things. Since you are being seen by a doctor regarding these symptoms I'm really surprised he didn't test your blood sugar in addition to other things he may be considering. Fatigue is one symptom of diabetes but there are other common ones such as increased urination and thirst, especially at night. Also do you se any patterns with your eating? Like do you feel really "out of it" if you go longer than usual without eating? What about if you have a really carb-intense meal (say pasta followed by a rich dessert) Those would be possible symptoms of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and hyperglycemia (high blood sugar).  Any weight loss or gain? Any diabetes in your family?

I'm going to assume he checked your thyroid.

I would ask for a glucose test especially if you answered yes to some of the questions above. Good luck; it's awful to feel bad and not know why, especially when you have such a physically demanding job.
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"Does anyone know if what I am experiencing could be related to hypoglycemia and/or diabetes? "

Its quite possible and also other contributing factors too. Get the following tests to narrow down the suspected cause of your problem.
Glucose - Fasting or an OGTT, and an A1c test
Thyroid - TSH test
Pancreas - Secretin and Fecal Elastase test
Liver enzymes - AST [SGOT] and ALT [SGPT]
Go here for explanations of each test http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/encyclopedia.html . [that's medline plus encyclopedia]

If you consume alcohol or tobacco products, stop until you get your issues resolved. These are only exacerbating the problem.
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I am also having all sorts of ED (erectile dysfunction) issues as well as when I wake in the morning....the first thing I do is urinate for what seems to be two minutes straight, regardless if I got up at night to drink anything.  Any difference in your opinions?

Thanks again All
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"Any difference in your opinions?"

You're asking us to speculate on medical issues that only a doctor can answer. Until you get thoroughly tested by a doctor you'll never know what is causing your issues. Do your self a BIG favor, stop procrastinating, pick up the phone and call your doctor and make that appointment today.
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Yup You need to see the doctor bud...standing and urinating for 2 minutes is probably normal for you..as long as you have a steady stream. But ED  problems are a doctors job.....go see your Doctor buddy....
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