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I have Diabetes and severe Neropathy in my feet and hands, When the Neropathy acts up really bad I check my sugar and it is fine.  I just read that Metformin can cause B12 deficency and that has the same symptoms I am having.  Can a low B12 cause Neropathy and what is the B12 high and low range? I am going for a blood test.  
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"Can a low B12 cause Neropathy"
Yes, low B12 is can be associated with neuropathy, nerve damage.

"what is the B12 high and low range?"
My lab normal values are 200 - 900 pg/mL [picograms per milliliter].
Bear in mind normal ranges may and will vary among different laboratories. Talk to your doctor about what your specific test results and pay attention to borderline readings.

If I remember correctly when I had B12 tested my doc also checked my ferritin and folate levels. Can't remember the reason why but it was something like they go hand-in-hand. Best of health to you.
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