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Gestational Diabetes

Not sure if I'm posting in the right place but on Friday the 5th I took my 3 hour diabetes test. On the 9th I found out the test was positive. On the 11th they taught me how to use the meter and how to record the information they wanted. I eat rather poorly. I'm picky, I don't really eat to many fruits or vegetables, I drink soda with just about every meal (yes even breakfast). On top of that my living situation is complicated. I live with my grandma and things are difficult at home since she found out about the pregnancy and as a result I do not spend a lot of time at home. I have 2 10year olds so we leave at 7 am to get them to school and don't come back until about 8 pm for bed. So I don't cook a lot and I don't keep any food around that I can cook or that isn't processed. I started trying to diet on the 12th and it's just been so brutal. ALL we eat is rice and pastas, breads and tortillas. It's quick, easy, and lasts a few days. I saw my doctor today and he said he wanted to put me on insulin! I have a family history of diabetes but have never had to deal with it personally and this is just a nightmare!! With everything going on at home it's just so hard to keep to a diet and I'm just so sad about it :( I don't think I can do it :( My doctor wants to see me in a week to see if I can get my sugars under control on my own but I'm pretty sure after today that I can't.

My question is are there any recipes/meals you all would suggest? Quick easy type things that might keep for a couple days? Also, if I have to be put on insulin what type of diet options do I have with that?

I'm so devastated I just really don't think this is something I can handle and I'm scared for my baby.
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managing diabetes is critical so your baby can be healthy.  it is doable, and insulin does sound like the best option.

however, drinking soda at every meal is going to make blood sugar management a nightmare, even with insulin.

No softdrinks or fruitjuice.  Sorry.  The best breakfast is omlette / boiled eggs or something from eggs,  maybe with a small piece of fruit / carrot sticks or something like that.  Nuts are a good and portable snack.  Vegetables are really healthy.

Quiche can keep ok for a few day in the fridge.  Meat loaf (made with meat and veges), roasted veges can be ok cold the next day.  Salad.

When I was pregnant and on insulin (I still use insulin now).  I really ate lots of eggs.  that was safe and nutritionally sound.  Carbs really have to be restricted.  Fruit small serves only.

Hang in there.  You can do it.  For your baby!

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