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Hypothyroid AND pre-diabetic!!!

Hi.      I have been on 100mcg levothyroxine for about 3 years. Now I am pre-diabetic as well. I am overweight -not so you'd notice -lol ...It's all around my middle. My GP is keeping an eye on me & regularly sends me for blood tests.
But the strange thing is my GP said (Quote) You're NOT ILL!!!!!   WOW ---I wonder what one has to cope with if they are ILL!
Sorry just a slight moan!!! lol
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Perhaps what he meant is that both hypothroidism and pre-diabetes are conditions that can be managed with medication and lifestyle changes and you can, when stable, not feel sick at all! In regards to your pre-diabetes do some research about keeping your diabetes from progressing with diabetic diet (eliminating sugar and reducing carbs), exercise and maintaining a healthy body weight. Also, you might want to ask your doctor for an antibody test to determine your diabetic type as many people with another autoimmune disorder (such as thyroid) end up being Type 1, not type 2. Doctors don't always look for this.
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These are both chronic conditions, but they can both be managed well and therefore with minimal impact on quality of life.

I am also hypothyroid and diabetic (currently diet and exercise managed with a close eye kept on me by my endo).  I don't consider myself ill at all.

In fact I am way better now (healthier and more active) than when first diagnosed.

Best wishes.
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Zoelula, what exactly should be tested as far as "antibodies" for diabetes?
I suspect I maybe have the autoimmune type.  No family history of diabetes at all.  I had insulin dependent diabetes very early in my 1st pregnancy.  

It doesn't change anything for now, but may later if I need meds.  
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I was actually wondering that when I read your post above, Sally. The main antibody for LADA is GAD65. They usually check for a couple different antibodies any one of which would indicate a Type 1 as Type 2's don't have antibodies. Besides having another autoimmune condition such as thyroid some of the other indicators are age (though I myself was older when diagnosed), normal weight or weight loss prior to and after diagnosis, doing well on typical type 2 treatments for awhile (a few months to 4 years) but then seeing slowly rising numbers. Another indicator is the c-peptide test which shows how much insulin your body is actually producing. Type 1's produce little or none and LADAs also have pretty low c-peptides where Type 2's have high c-peptides for many years.
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Thanks Zoelula!

I'll have to check which of these tests are actually available here in Philippines where I live (I'm an aussie).  I am pretty sure that the c-peptide is.  But don't know about the rest. Good thing is I can just request any test that is available (as long as you pay, they don't care)..... bad thing is not all tests are available.

I am 39 now. Was 38 when I had my daughter.  Heavier now than I'd like to be after baby.  But overweight, not obese (and quite physically active).  

Take care.

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Sounds very similar to my situation when I was living in Guatemala. They had no idea what the GAD was, but could do the c-peptide. And I just had to go into any lab and pay about $16 for any test I wanted. I actually never got my GAD test, even though I am back in the states now. I had no reason to spend the money as there is little doubt for me about my diagnosis. My two c-peptide tests were .70 and .38. I lost 40 pounds before and after diagnosis (and at my age you don't lose weight effortlessly!). I did fine on orals for a bit over a year before my numbers started climbing. My endo in Guatemala confirmed my own diagnosing, though she said "type 1" instead of "LADA" because she'd never heard of it.

It is pretty amazing that you can manage on just diet and exercise if you were a LADA, but if you worked hard at it (I never did) and it hasn't been that long since diagnosis, I guess it is possible.
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