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Weight loss/ stuck

last month diagnosed as a diabetic- not that October, November and December aren't sugar and calorie laden months. I object to my doctors test results. A1c of 6.8 is NOT a diabetic according to the a.d.a.
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Ummm actually it is.  6.8 is Diabetic.  of course you can weight untill you go blind OR you can take the bull by the horns and lower your BG by diet ( eating LCHF) and exercise.
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Ada says 7 or less a1c and between 70-130 glucose
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what the ADA says is a DIABETIC person should try to keep there A1c under 7  that is NOT the threshold for diagnosis.
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Hba1c of 6.8 gives you an average blood sugar of around 150.

This is definitely diabetic.  Non-diabetic Hba1c is < 5 and average blood sugar of < 100.

Fasting glucose over 120 will also get you an immediate diagnosis.

Best you accept that this is diabetes and do all you can to reverse and address it.

Those persons with diabetes who do keep their Hba1c at about 7 do get long term complications from diabetes; kidney, eye, nerve, blood vessel damage.  The target blood sugar is 'non-diabetic' or as close as possible to it.

This is fasting blood sugar in the low to mid 80s, and post eating never more than 140 (but more ideally < 120).

Hope this helps.

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So far I have been between 66 and 110.
Skipping pecan pie, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, Christmas fudge and cookies, left over Halloween and Christmas candy. S'mores hot chocolate and spiced apple cider. Life as I USED to know it. Sure I accept diabetes, which will cost me my career as a truck driver, my job driving and the insurance that paid for this diagnosis.
Thanks for all the encouragement.
Unemployment here I come!
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You sound very upset and angry.  Not surprising.  Any diagnosis like this really stinks (I'd swear, but they'll probably kick me off this forum).

But life goes on.  You are joining millions of other people (literally) who have the same condition.

However, your 'diabetes' is still in the early stages.  By avoiding sweets, reducing carbs, getting some exercise, (look into low carb, moderate protein, high fat diet - this can be a very satisfying diet), and getting your weight normal (if you are overweight), there is a very real prospect that you should be able to reverse this.  Metformin/ Glucophage, a drug that helps reverse insulin resistance, can also be very helpful.

It won't have gone away, in that it will return if you revert to your previous way of eating, but it should be very well manageable.  And not detectable by the 'medical establishment'.

Don't give up!  Use your anger and frustration to learn all about this condition, and then be empowered to do what it takes to manage it well and you can continue to work and live life to the full!

Your latest reported blood sugar levels between 66 and 110 are great!!  If you keep up your excellent efforts, then there is a good chance that your next Hba1c will surely be back down in the non-diabetic range.

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