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high blood sugar

I monitor my sugar take my meds I still read high 250 I do have my husband in ICU for 15 days Why is still reading high I take my medicine drink water trying to do all the right things.
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You don't really give enough details to be sure what is going on, but some thoughts:

The stress of your husband being in the ICU could certainly raise your blood sugars. Have they just been high since he was hospitalized?

You don't mention how long you have been diagnosed (I assume with Type 2). Or if your numbers WERE stable and are now rising. It is, unfortunately, a progressive disease. If you have had it for several years the medicine you are taking may no longer be adequate to control your blood sugar and you should see your doctor about making changes.

Finally, you don't mention what other changes you have made. Food? Exercise? Maintaining a healthy weight? All these things greatly influence blood sugar. If you have been unable to get your blood sugar stable at all, these are things you need to work on. I hope your husband gets better soon.
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Good advice by Zoelula.

You provide insufficient information regarding "taking meds". Diabetes is a progressive disorder and the time may have approached when you should thingk about injectable insulin.

Lantus, the 24 hour insulin, may be a good first choice.

You need to be monitered and have a blood sugar control plan set up by a health-care provider of your choice. There are many nurses who specialize in this sort of thing and are very good.

Hope your husband gets better.
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