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out of nowhere diabetes and related/unrelated issues

I was diagnosed as type 2 diabetic 2.5 years ago.  I was 29 at the time and my fasting bg went from 100 in march to 300 in august 2012.  I was able to get my a1c from 9 to 5.2 with a low carb diet an exercise alone.  Last year my endo said I pretty much "cured" my diabetes with diet and exercise.  now my weight has shot up 30 pounds since November and my cholesterol is almost 300.  my current a1c is 5.8.  I am 5'10" and range from 190-210 pounds.  I go to the gym pretty regularly and try to watch what I eat.  I still stick to low carb for the most part but not as extreme as when I was first diagnosed.

I have had a few other issues and I am wondering if this all could be related.  
A short history of my health issues over the years: When i was in college i had sever abdominal pains and blood in my urine on and off for about 2 weeks and the doctors diagnosed it as kidney stones each time but no stones showed up on 3 different CTs and I never passed the stones that I know of.  The pain never returned. a few years later I had elevated liver enzymes and had a liver biapse which came back as a fatty liver.  a few years later I started getting really clogged up ears during the fall and winter.  I took nazel steroids and sudefed but they didn't help.  Now my ears don't clog any longer but about a year ago I developed chronic tinitus and hearing lose even though I have never been subjected to loud noises on a regular basis.  I have also had to go through physical therapy on and off for separate neck back and foot issues that came on suddenly with no injury.  Strangely enough all of these things started six months after I quit smoking.  

I am wondering if any of this could be related to an underlying issue.  maybe an undiagnosed auto immune issue. My doctors don't think they are related and treat each issue as it comes up.  I think its strange that a reletivly healthy person in their late 20s/early 30s would suddenly develop all of these issues and have them all be completely unrelated.  Its also very strange to go from normal blood sugar to full blown diabetes back to normal blood sugar with no meds.  

I do have bi annual blood and urine tests to monitor things.  usually the only numbers that are out of normal ranges are cholesterol and a1c.

Any suggestions on possible tests or other possible culprits would be greatly appreciated.
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Its really confusing , I would say. Have you had any past ailments?  Or any other family diabetic history?  These are all can bring you this in one form or the other. My husband got his type 2 diabetes treatment from Toronto's Physiomed. They usually have customized physiotherapy and chiropractic massages  including acupuncture and compression therapies. DH was immensely benefitted from the treatment here. I would suggest you take a consultation with an rMT before any massage sessions. Trust me , it works.!
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I hope this link will  be helpful for knowing more about this service
Thanks and good luck !
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Thanks Cindy.  I will take a look.

Just got back from the hearing specialist and they want me to get hearing aids.  I guess diabetes are twice as likely to have hearing lose.
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Usually health issues surface because of underlying issues. We try to cure the issues on surface but choose to ignore the root causes behind them. Smoking not only harms our lungs but also pollute blood admist others. When one stops smoking, internal pollutants start acting up and even worse health issues surface. If you restart smoking, then the health goes off the wall. I was going through similar issues till I met Dr. Suyog Dandekar from health resort Prakruti. My trust on ayurveda let me to him. I managed my post-I-quit-smoking health issues with diet, exerices and GMY tablets by Prakruti JiyoFresh. Hope it works for you too. All the best buddy:)
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