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symptoms:low kidney function

I'm having symptoms as follows: Extreme fatique, nausea,lack of concentration. I am diabetic, and my doctor just told me that I have low kidney function,and we will keep a watch on it for the time being. Could this be the cause of my symptons?
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Yes, they are. See this for a full list http://tinyurl.com/cf96zpk

And, ditch you doctor. Now is not the time to play the wait and see game. Go find a Nephrologist, a doctor trained on kidney disease and treatment.

For more appropriate assistance post on the Kidney disease forum.
Good luck -
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I'm with WaveRider; ditch your doctor and get yourself to a nephrologist posthaste! Do not mess around with low kidney function. You can progress very rapidly to NO kidney function and be on dialysis and having to wait for a kidney transplant. And we all know how that one goes--there is a shortage of transplantable kidneys and they go to the people who have been on the list the longest. So get to a kidney doctor now!
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