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Am I hypoglycemic?

Almost two weeks ago I got this feeling when I would walk, I felt light headed and very fatigued and my a feeling of unbalanced.. Recently I noticed that those symptoms only fade away when I eat something.. So I checked dr google and saw that I be hypoglycemic??.. I don't know if this clears me out of me being hypoglycemic but I had a meal and four hours later once I started to feel my symptoms return I checked my blood sugar and it was 102... Does this mean I'm not and maybe it's something else going on with me??
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nothing is wrong with you. If you have been diagnosed as being pre diabetic, then it is psychology that I have as well. Try to eat a snack every two hours even if you have some almonds or any kind of seeds. Always balance your meal (carbs & protein). So if you have an orange, then add some almonds to it, Never have a protein or carb by itself. With chicken, have a salad. The more you do this, your symptoms will go away. Stop thinking of being pre diabetic and think of health foods and balancing, and stay away of simple sugars, potatoes, honey or regular rice and pastas. Have whole grains or even pasta made from brown rice or beans. Beans is also a great protein.
let me know if you have any more questions.
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Hello and welcome!

For starters, be very careful coming to conclusions based on info you get from Dr. Google.  While the internet is a great place to get some basic info, ANYTIME you are concerned about a health related matter, you should be seeking IN PERSON help from your doctor.

You would have to have more than one episode of hypoglycemia, along with corresponding definitive low blood sugar results to actually be diagnosed as having chronic hypoglycemia.  The symptoms you describe are consistent with a hypoglycemic episode, but also are consistent with a whole host of other possible problems.  I would recommend sorting this out with your doctor, before you start treating this as hypoglycemia with all kinds of extra snacks and such.  If it IS hypoglycemia, there are right and wrong ways to treat it.  It's not always as easy as eating or drinking something with a high sugar content.

Are you pre-diabetic, or do you have diabetes?  If so, that likely means something you're doing to manage the diabetes or pre-diabetes is causing your sugar to drop too low (if indeed that is happening).  Again, that's an issue to raise with your doctor.

Let us know what he/she says!  Good luck!
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