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Normal weight but pre-diabetic

Age - 53; Normal weight; HbA1C=5.57; Fasting Blood Sugar = 107. Am I Pre-diabetic? What sort of diet control is required?
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Fasting of 107 is a little high. <99 is normal.  
One test is not enough to DX diabetes.  

Many feel that the fasting is the last thing to show a problem. test 1 hour after your biggest meal of the day.  That is a better indication of the health of your pancreas.

As for diet, carbohydrates raise BG  (blood Sugar) ALL carbs raise BG.  whole grains raise BG slower but they still raise BG
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Low carb diet (avoiding all added sugars, restricting grains and starchy vegetables, limited fruits), high healthy fats, proteins and plenty of non-starchy vegetables.

Exercise daily, at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise.  Add in strength training sessions if you can.

All of these will help.

Get a blood sugar meter and test 2 hours after eating a meal to see if your blood sugar is on target (at least < 140, even better < 120, ideally < 100).  This will allow you to see which foods normalize blood sugar and which raise it too much and need to be restricted / avoided.
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Hba1c of 5.5 gives  you an average blood sugar of about 118.  This is higher than normal.  So definitely you are 'prediabetic'.,  However, I believe diabetes is like pregnancy, you either are or you aren't.

But it is still 'mild' and by catching and managing it early you should do well.
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