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My dr isn't worried, should I be?

I had some bloodwork done. Since having covid this past July, I have been having some urologic issues. Producing more urine during the night while sleeping. I wouldn't say it's overly excessive but more/different than usual.

Got blood work back and eGFR is 83 and creatinine is .81. All other kidney parameters are fine and right in middle range. I dug around and found some old blood work from 10yrs ago (that's all I could find) and every reading is almost exact to this new blood work. The only exception was my eGFR was 97 and creatinine .73

I didn't drink much water the night before my bloodwork because I'm trying to limit fluid intake at night because of the urine production issue. So I can't say was overly hydrated. I did try to pound water early in the morning before my appt but can't be sure if it was enough hydration. Not sure if that can effect the creatinine reading. I doubt that would have much influence on the eGFR.

I'm female, 61 and in otherwise good health. I plan to go for another kidney function test in 3 months. Even if I have to purchase one online and do it on my own.
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So, no one has yet responded to you. Wondering if you got a second opinion or followed up on this. I tend to be trusting of doctors. They do take an oath for our care and see a wide scope of patients to be able to judge when to worry when not to worry. I actually think the two numbers you point out from 10 years ago as different don't look that far off. I think my pcp would refer to that type of change as slightly different but stable.

So, you are going to the bathroom more in the middle of the night is the issue, correct? Sometimes the answer is much simpler than we think. https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diseases/14510-nocturia  For my own situation, I used to get up several times a night (I'm just a few years younger than you). I do not anymore. But two things happened. First, I did begin treating my blood pressure with Losartin. Not sure if that has anything to do with it but it coincided with my being able to sleep through the night. Second, I had a situation in which getting up at night was hard to do so would lay there not doing it. I don't know if it retrained my bladder or what. But that also happened around the same time.

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