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Reactive Hypoglycemia

I, recently, had a Glucose Tolerance Test due to fluctuating fasting glucose and weight issues, but the worst symptom is tiredness/afternoon crash.

The results of the GTT were as follows:
Fasting:  97
1 hr:  165
2 hr:  124
3 hr:    48 L
4 hr:    56 L

Over the past 5 years, my fasting glucose levels have ranged from around 97 or 98 all the way up to 125, but never over 125.  My A1c has ranged from 5.5 to 5.8 over the same period and my doctor has said I'm pre-diabetic.  Insulin levels have only been measured a couple of times.  The last time it was measured blood glucose was 125, with insulin at 8.1.  Blood glucose was considered to be in pre-diabetic range, while insulin level was considered to be normal.

Now that I've had the GTT, my doctor says instead of pre-diabetes, I have Reactive Hypoglycemia... Because of the pre-diabetes diagnosis, I have tried to follow a diabetic diet for some time to prevent full blown diabetes; however, since having this test, I find myself starving and getting weak/shakey within a short period of eating, no matter what kind of food I eat.  

I also have Hashimoto's/hypothyroidism.  
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Yes, your results show reactive hypoglycemia.  This can be a precursor to diabetes (in the future).

The best diet to manage reactive hypoglycemia is a diet that keeps insulin levels low (Because too high insulin / overshooting of insulin in response to carbs eaten), is what causes hypoglycemia.

So best diet will be a low carb diet, with plenty of protein (protein digests slowly and helps stable blood sugars), healthy fats (also helps slow digestion and thus less insulin requirements), and small amounts of carbs coming from non-sweetened foods / mostly non-starchy veges.

Eliminate added sugars, sweetened and processed foods, and starchy vegetables / fruits.  Nuts, unsweetened dairy, vegetables, meats, cheese, etc.
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