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Worried about pre-diabetic

Due to corona, I am working from home since April, I am 30 years old (5 Feet 9 inches height and 79kg) and was having good physical activity before corona on a daily basis. But almost no activity since April, no sports, just food, and sitting at a chair all day for work in front of the laptop.

As there are some restrictions that were left by govt 10 days ago. I started visiting Macdonalds on almost daily, eating burgers, soft drinks, and fries. Yesterday at home I ate 2 plates of Spegaities/Noodles at home around 9:00 pm and then after a few hours at 1:15 AM, I ate Macdonald's big mac beef burger and full sugary ice cream shake.

Then when I came home after around 2 hours I was thinking about the current lifestyle that I might get diabetes. I checked my sugar with father meter 3 times which came 44, 33 & 38 mg/dl respectively. Then came to know that the meter is not working fine. I waited for another 3 hours unless the father wakes up and asked him about the new meter which is working fine. I tested with that meter 4 times with one same prick cut at the finger in 30 sec and results were 107, 112, 117, 110 mg.dl respectively. I was stressed up all the 4 hours before I checked with the faulty meter. you can have the idea that I checked it 4 times in 30 sec and the earlier the first time I tested 3 times with one cut and waster strips.

Then after 1 hour I went to the laboratory and gave a sample for Hba1c and the result came 5.3 (Normal).

Now I am worried. Is there any chance that I am diabetic or pre-diabetic?

Kindly answer
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Well, pandemic or not, we still have to be healthy.  There is plenty we can do indoors with youtube and dvd's made for living room exercise.  Buy a treadmill or stationary bike if that isn't your thing.  My YMCA did online zoom classes for at home participation in exercise. a small set of weights is nice to have.  Lots you can do.  And you know that will help, I"m sure.

The eating I understand too. McDonalds here and there won't hurt you.  Daily? Ya, not so good.  You know this as well.  This is easy to change though by cleaning up your diet. You will immediately benefit.  You don't get diabetes over night.  a few months of unhealthy habits should not push into prediabetes and if it did, it's pre.  Good habits will reverse that, right?  So, start over.  Get a handle on this.  Manage your weight, get good rest, exercise regularly and clean up your diet.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/prediabetes/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20355284  This article has excellent ideas.  

It looks like you got a normal result.  Get back on track with your lifestyle and all should be well.

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