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Continous Glucose Monitoring Any Ideas

Hello every one. Did anyone here have any experience with the new mini med continous glucose system ? Do you guys think that it really works and is worth getting it ? I think the idea is great and would improve control greatly.
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Hey guys... Im speeking first hand here... I tried the continuous monitoring systme by minimed.. the guardien.. where you can see the resulst eveu five minutes. This system is very nice to have.. its a bit of a luxurie(35$evey 3 days... not including the original price) but if you have severy lows during the day, or especialy at night i highly sugest this unit. You have to chnage the sensor evey three days and imput your blood sugar evey 12 hours, and carry the thing around, but it is well worth it. I am a mountian bike racer and do hours of trainning with tones of lows and this system helped a lot. The only reason i didnt; buy it was that It was way to expensive for me...(rememeber bike racer...lol) If your thinking about this system... talk to you local minimed rep and they will loan one to you! Also think about the paradigm pump+monitoring system!
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Hi imtko,

I'm a volunteer here and have been diabetic for 11 years. I've never used the continuous glucose monitoring system so I can't share any experiences with you. However, if you'd like to get more information about the product below are a couple of websites that could be helpful:


Mimimed Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS)

Take care.
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I was one of the first to try the continuous monitor at my doctor's office.  I think it is a useful tool with a few things taken in consideration.

1)  It is just a 3 day "snapshot" which is good, but to me, not long enough to warrant some of the changes my doctor recommended.  (The change from 1 unit of Humalog per 15-20 carbs down to 10 carbs was dangerously low for me...that change lasted about one meal with me!)

2)  Make sure when they program at the beginning that they use the correct am/pm setting.  Mine was set incorrectly and I had to change over the phone (no problem) and wear for another 3 days.

3)  In my case, I made a huge mistake of wearing the monitor during PMS week, when my numbers are normally high then low.  So, I will probably do again at another time.  My doctor didn't seem to listen to my note of this.  

4)  Mini-med has an excellent log sheet that hopefully your doctor will provide.  It has plenty of room for writing insulin dosage down as well as room for food items.  I have a problem with most logs being too tiny for detailed info.

Yes, I recommend.  Some insurance companies will pay for this test up to 3x per year.  The readings will be different from your fingertip tests to a point.  But, that's why you log from a meter at certain intervals as well as part of the test.

Hope this helps!

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Hi there. My 16-year-old type-1 daughter refuses to consider a pump and is doing very well with shots, so I'm afraid we have no feedback for you. Can anyone out there help?
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