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I have juvinille diabetes and i am only 16 yrs. old. I know i dont eat right and i am gaining weight but i want to be like all of my friends. I dont take my blood sugar alot either. What should i do?
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my boyfriend also has juvenile diabetes and he has had it for about 6 years (so he was 12 when he was diagnosed).  im not going to lecture you because i know first hand how you probably are.  this will not ruin your life and actually, if your friends are your real friends they will understand and help you through this.  if you dont take care of yourself now, it can affect you in the future.  we (my boyfriend and myself) are in college now and he is actually doing much better than in high school.  checking your blood sugar before eating is so important so if you dont eat right at this present moment, please be sure you are checking blood sugar.  your a1c will show if you are or not so you dont want that to happen.  also when you start taking care of yourself with insilin you will start gaining wight so make sure you are also exercising. take care!
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I really know how you feel. I was diagnosed a couple years ago, and have a some extra pounds on me.
best thing i find is getting exercise in everyday, it reeeally helps raise your metabolism and keep your blood sugar at a good level. just make sure to test before and after, and eat a snack so you don't go low. but you probably already know that.
eating late at night is my problem, if you have that problem too, stopping that really can make you lose some weight.
i hope you test your blood sugar more, so important.
hope that helped a bit, good luck to you.
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When you have low bloodsugars, the food you eat can easily go to weight gain. I weighted between 130-145 thru highschool, not skinny but kinda round. Little things like "loving Diet Pepsi" or "not liking icing on cake" can help. I'm a teacher at a highschool and I have several students who "share" my stash of diet drinks or granola bars for lows. Ask your favorite teacher who has type 2 on the staff.  Even better, they usually have a refridgerator.  Aside from that - exercise is the key to everything, ( I'm still fighting that one LOL)
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