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diabetic diet to gain weight

Recently I had an overall checkup, they checked for pretty much everything. My doc said the test were great.  I took the test early in the morning. I checked the lab test online and seen that I had fasting glucose of 105 and according to their online index table it was out of normal range. I emailed my Doc and he said that reading of 105 did not concern him. But is 105 pre-diabetic?

I'm 27, male. 6'0 and 160, not overweight at all, in fact I'm too skinny for being a male. I read that losing weight will reduce the chance of getting type 2 diabetes. But I cannot afford to lose weight, I'm actually trying to gain weight.  If I followed a strict ADA diet while body building 4x a week, and also trying to gain weight by muscle…would I still reduce my chance of Type 2. Losing weight is not an option for me.

Also I only average about 6 hrs a sleep for the past 5 year and drink tons of sodas.
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Thanks for the valuable information. I meant to post on the Type 2 area.
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Yes, 105 is prediabetic so it might not hurt to check further and get an A1C or OGTT test. A1C measures the average blood sugar for a period of a couple months; OGTT measures your body's reaction to glucose by giving you a sugary drink and then measuring over two hours for your response.

As far as losing weight to reduce chance of type 2 diabetes that relates to people who are overweight and developing insulin resistance. This is not you. As far as preventing diabetes those "tons of sodas" which I assume are the kind with sugar are what you need to work on!  Other than that I would just keep an eye on it and watch for symptoms such as extreme thirst, frequent urination or weight loss. At your age and weight Type 1 would probably be a more likely problem than Type 2 (and actually you have posted to the Type 1 forum). As for the sleep, everyone is different and if you feel rested enough with 6 hours sleep that is fine; the eight hour we all were taught is more common, but some of us do fine on less.
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