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Type 2 Diabetes

I take my bolld sugars of a morning fasting and they are like 167-191, I take 1000 mg of janumet and 18 units of lantus before bed, of a morning I take 20 Units of lantus, 45 mg actos why am I having problems regulating my blood sugars, I also take 7 units of novalog after every meal??? Do you have any other sugustions??
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cut down on carbs, get more exercise
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I take my Novalog before meals as I was instructed. Try cutting down on Carbs.
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Low carb diet is absolutely the best way to manage diabetes. American Diabetes Association is now also recognizing this.

By low carb we mean about 20 - 30 g of carbs per day.  Protein should be adequate (can be up to 1.5g/ kg body weight), and healthy unprocessed fats (avoid vegetable oils) for energy balance.  HEalthy fats include the fats that come with meats and full fat dairy, nuts, avocado etc.
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I take AM and PM Lantus. Just started on Actos 15mg. I've started reducing my simple carbohydrates a lot. Cereals, Breads, Potatoes, Rice, high carb. veggies. Substituting low carb veggies, low carb fruits, avocadoes. In 2 weeks I've reduced night time Lantus from 25U to 10 U and BS in AM 90- low 100's. Yesterday enjoyed burger with L&T,onion, mayo on lettuce with no bun.. Today I made unbreaded
baked zucchini with tomato sauce and mozz. cheese. I'm also exercising more. So I believe it's about the meds, diet and exercise in getting better control. Need all three to work together.
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I don't know very much about the meds and dosing for Diabetes but if what your taking isn't lowering your blood sugar to a normal level you should really consult your physician. This can cause serious irreversible damage to your kidneys among other things. Make sure you are filling your diet faithfully. I have heard that cinnamon capsules can help with diabetes. You can ask your dr if it would help you in addition to your meds or maybe he may want to switch your meds. My mother is very sick with this condition and it's hard to watch her health decline. Please really consider seeking more help. I hope you feel better and get some help. I really wish my mom would.
Best of luck!!
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