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Hey I'm new to this site. I want to lose 40 pounds but I don't really have a set date because I'm not sure what's healthy. I'm 16 and 170 pounds but I'm short for my age, being 5'2". I dont really live close to any gyms or anything so im stuck on what i can do. Any tips on what I can do to start losing weight? Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Hey, I am also 16 & I weight 177 pounds, but I am 5'6 & I am trying to lose 20 lbs, if you want advice or help with anything, let me know. My doctor recommended 3-4 times a week workouts & eating 1500 calories a day, COUNT your calorie intake! :)
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The first thing you have to do stop eating junk food and drinking soda.  You could lose several pounds fairly quickly by doing those 2 things.

Eat plenty of vegetables and lean protein. You have to calculate the number of calories you need/day; you can't go by what another person recommends, because what's right for them, might not be right for you. It's based on your individual height, weight, age and activity level.  I can help you if you like or you can look for an online calculator.

You don't need a gym to exercise.  You can try walking for 30 minutes/day, or go online and check out exercise videos to find some you might enjoy doing.  
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