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How to lose belly fat?

My belly fat bugs me all the time. I try lots of kind of exercise, but it didn't work really well.  And also my back and upper body looks strong too. Can someone teach me how to look more slim?
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What's your diet like?
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I am trying to eat sugar as less as possible. I found that my belly slimmer but it í not firm although I jogged 3 times a week.
It's not just sugar, it's all simple carbohydrates (white flour, white rice, etc.).  If not burned quickly it will store as fat and is just like consuming sugar.  Jogging three times a week won't necessarily do it -- you need to work directly on the belly as well, such as with resistance training and abs.  And at some point, if you continue to do the same amount of exercise, it will stop having any effect, and you can't keep increasing exercise forever.  You can try to be less sedentary while you're not exercising but diet is important.
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You have to eat fewer calories than you burn if you want to lose weight! Protein-rich foods keep the hunger away. And the fuller you feel between meals, the easier it is to avoid binge eating. A daily whey protein shake with either berries or a banana and ice and water will help keep the hunger away. I recommend buying whey CONCENTRATE not isolate!! concentrate is healthier. when dieting you can't just lose weight at your belly or back. google exercises for the core. when exercising do your strength training first and cardio last.
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Eating a balanced diet with vegetables juice does really help. Eating 5 times a day  and working diligently on your core. Trying elliptical and working your upper body and core also helps.
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